About Price Cabin

At PriceCabin.com, we are dedicated to helping you find what you’re shopping for fast. As online retail continues to increase at a record breaking rate, more and more online merchants are fighting to compete for your business resulting in an overwhelming selection of websites and offers. PriceCabin.com wants to take the frustration of online purchasing off your shoulders. We do this by aggregating product data from thousands of online merchants. The end result is an array of buying options directly related to your search query. Our patented algorithm identifies only the best priced items so you can make a quick comparison resulting in huge savings. As our database continues to grow by indexing more merchants, the selection and pricing continues to get more competitive which only benefits you, the consumer.

Our product management team is working around the clock to find new merchants and offers with the goal that your next online shopping experience is easier than ever before. At PriceCabin.com we want you to buy the absolutely best priced item. if you’re using PriceCabin.com you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best deal online, eliminating the dreadful buyer’s remorse.

When you see a great deal on an item, we want you to share it with your friends. We do this by implementing social networking options so you can share your finds with all your friends. We encourage you to post your opinions about the products you find so that others may make a more educated decision when selecting between products.

Help us help you. Do you have a suggestion for us? Feel free to submit your suggestions to our Feedback page. We value your opinion and our ongoing goal is to make PriceCabin.com a more user friendly experience.

We thank you for using our site and look forward to better servicing you in the future.