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Terms of Use

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2013

Upon using PriceCabin.com or any of our Applications hereinafter the “sites”, you agree to the following Terms of Use hereinafter the “terms”. Failure to comply with our terms may result in you being blocked from our servers. Because we are constantly evolving the sites, the terms will be revised from time to time. Respectfully we will publish the last modified date of the terms so that you will be aware of any changes made to our terms.

The sites are intended to help you search for products and interact with these products through social media and reviews. Any content you publish on the sites will remain property of the sites unless otherwise stated. You agree to not use the sites for any other reasons than a searching for products and interacting with our site and its content. You will not use user agents or robots hereinafter “agents” to collect information from our site in a method known as screen scraping, unless you are authorized to do so or your agent is a search engine spider bot. In the event your agent is a search engine spider bot, you must comply with the rules we have set forth in our robots.txt file. The rules defined in our robots.txt file contain both a global rule set and individual agent rule sets. Your agent must comply with both the global rule set and any rule set referring to your agent. Malicious activity will result in your agent being blocked from our servers. Respectfully we reserve the right to block any server or IP address without notice.

Information we collect from users will remain property of the sites. Content you publish on the sites will remain property of the sites. This content includes reviews, blogs, posts and social likes. Content you publish to our site will not be sold or shared with any third parties. Searches you make on the sites are saved to our database so that we can analyze and provide more efficient search results for future users. Any content you publish to the sites shall not be malicious, defamatory, or otherwise insulting to the general public. Content you publish should be considered suitable for a general audience, you shall not in any way insult, bully, threaten or harm any other users of the sites. Doing so breaks our terms and may result in legal action by authorities. In the event of any legal action the sites will cooperate with the authorities to identify you. As a general rule, please be respectful of our site and our users.

Although our primary mission is to publish accurate product information, we cannot guarantee that any of the information we publish is 100% accurate. Such information includes, product images, pricing, detailed information and any content published by our members or merchants. The information we publish about products comes from online merchants. The information we publish from these merchants will remain property of the merchants. Copying any content may break both the sites terms and the merchant’s terms and conditions. In order to comply with our terms and our merchant’s terms and conditions we ask that you please use this site for its intended use which is to search for products. You may not copy or republish any content on the sites. Failure to comply is a direct violation of our terms and may result in legal action.