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Rectum Model Human with Cancer
Rectum Anatomy Model - Shows various diseases of the rectum
Zeta Human Rectum Fissure Lesion Model (1.5X)- Anorectal Pathology...
Wellden Product Medical Anatomical Female Pelvis Model with Removable...
3B Scientific K27 Hemorrhoid Model, 5.5" x 3.9" x 5.5"
Human Colonic Disease Model Anorectal Medical Anatomical Model...
EISCO Human Digestive System Model, 2 Parts, Hand Painted
Desk type,common/enlarged pathologies model of rectum w/descrition plate
EISCO Female Pelvis Section Model, Hand Painted, Natural Sized
Human Rectum with Pathologies Anatomy Model #3350
Liver Model Diseased with Cancer
3B Scientific K32 6 Part Dual Sex Urinary System Model, 12.2" Length x...
Medical Science Rectum Fissure Lesion Model 1.5X Human Anorectal...
Walter Products B10216 Female Pelvis Model with Organs, Life Size
Pancreas Spleen and Gallbladder Normal Classroom Anatomical Model
Liver/Gallbladder Model
EISCO Male Pelvis Model, Hand Painted, Natural Sized
Economic Models of Colorectal Cancer Screening in Average-Risk Adults:...
3B Scientific H10 2 Part Female Pelvis Model, 16.1" x 12.2" x 7.9"
Superior Bidet Standard - Dual Nozzle Design for Front and Rear...
Colorectal Anatomical Model
Axis Scientific Female Reproductive System Anatomical Model, Dissects...
3B Scientific Digestive System, 3-part
3B Scientific H20/3 4 Part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments Muscles...
Stomach Anatomical Classroom Educational Model CEM
Human Anatomy model Median Sagittal Section Model Male Pelvis Male...
Eisco Labs Human Digestive System Model, Life Size, 32" Tall, 3 Parts...
3B Scientific K20 2 Part Digestive System Model, 31.9" x 13" x 3.9"
Pancreas Gallbladder Model